Automation Tips

2 min readFeb 25, 2020
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Test automation is a frequently used process nowadays, this is because it saves money on test execution, while also accelerating test execution and removing the human factor that may increase the chance of errors.

Here I leave you with some tips about test automation:

  • Usually you need to design more than one test for each section of code: Whenever you think in tests remember that there are at least 2 paths to test, the one that will give us a positive result and one for the negative result.
  • Don’t design a test for each decision taken on the source code: You don’t have to execute a test for every if or loop that is written in the source code, instead execute a test for each function or stored procedure that you have on it.
  • Don’t execute integration tests that aren’t relevant: You don’t need to automate an integration test if it isn’t relevant to test the combined functionality, only automate this tests when there’s a high risk or a high chance that the doing this will prevent a defect.
  • Don’t automate UI tests unless it is absolutely necessary: UI tests are harder to code and their “cost” is larger. Then you should only automate a UI test on scenarios that will provide the most value for your client and that will make your job a lot easier.
  • You don’t have to memorize test frameworks: It’s really important that you can work with different automation frameworks, it’s good to know which frameworks are available and know some details about every one of them but it’s better to know and to identify the concepts or the pillars that sustain automation testing, you should focus on that instead.

These are just some advices about test automation, they aren’t laws that should never be broken, but to apply and embrace this good practices will help you do a better job and algo make it a lot easier.




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