Benefits of QAaaS

3 min readApr 6, 2021

First and foremost, what is QAaaS?

In the last few years, the Everything/Anything as a Service model — (X)aaS inherited from cloud computing — having its origins with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), has become a very popular way to either provide or consume services from the Tech Industry due to the many benefits it represents not having to implement such service in house and moreover, to consume it the way it makes the most sense — according to any needs and constraints.

Through the pass of the years, other cloud-computing-like services have risen in the industry in the form of (X)aaS — for example SaaS and PaaS, providing consumers with a wide range of benefits — other than the service itself. And the best analogy to compare with would be leasing a car — to name a few, some benefits would be:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Simple process
  • Fixed price
  • Tax benefits
  • A brand new car
  • Immediacy

Based on all of the above, we at QANTUM have implemented and provide what we call QAaaS — Quality Assurance as a Service. A repertoire of Premium B2B services we provide to software engineering organizations regardless of their size which allow to implement all of the Quality Assurance/Quality Engineering set of processes and best practices in their organization out of the box, without having to build from the ground up and maintain a whole QA department in house — which can be a challenge. And of course after this, increase the current magnitude of quality imprinted in the product or service being delivered.

The same as with the example of car leasing, QAaaS enables organizations to have access to the following benefits when consuming our services from our already established QA organization:

Staffing Benefits

When working with our engineers every organization can get the following staffing benefits:

  • Everything HR is on our side — e.g. recruiting, training, career and growth.
  • Experienced and well trained Quality Engineers
  • Engineers part of a quality-centered culture
  • Way less onboarding time
  • Scale the size of a QA pod accordingly when needed
  • Short and easy hiring process

Technical Benefits

Also when working with our engineers come several technical benefits along with their expertise. You can expect to see:

  • Self sufficiency
  • Know-how about how great software is being built nowadays
  • Past experience building software for several industries — e.g. Health, Insurance, Transport, Mainstream Media and Advertising, Finance and more.
  • Software testing strategies
  • Cross-platform testing
  • Test automation
  • Integrations with CI/CD pipelines

Financial Benefits

And of course QAaaS has several important financial benefits for your organization, which are:

  • Fixed and competitive rates
  • Temporary contracts
  • Savings due to time efficiency
  • Zero investment in equipment
  • Zero investment in compensation plans, perks and benefits

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