The importance of ISTQB Certifications for a Quality Assurance Engineer

3 min readOct 7, 2022
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Quality Assurance & testing. Many people in the software industry still believe these two concepts are the same when the latter is only one part of what Quality Assurance actually means. As a fairly new and evolving role, Software QA Engineering still has a long way to go to demystify misconceptions about the role and the importance it has in the Software Development Cycle. This is where the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) comes in. As the leading global certification scheme in software testing they constantly contribute to create a global terminology, vision and knowledge base for any individual interested in QA.

ISTQB was founded in 1988 and since its establishment it has grown to become a leading entity for the testing community. Through their certifications scheme they promote software quality best practices, encourage innovative research and connect testers around the world under the same language. And the best part? They make this body of knowledge freely available for everyone. To have access to it you only have to go to the ISTQB website to find the Certified Tester Scheme. Under this scheme you will find a variety of internationally-recognized certifications paths that develop, extend and validate different sets of testing skills. Each module provides the target audience and business outcomes expectations, a chart with the breakdown of the contents and the possibility to download a Syllabus with all the chapters along with some Sample Certification Exams. ISTQB also facilitates finding affiliated training and exams providers in your country. Once you take the exam and your score is above the minimum expected grade for that module you’ll immediately receive your certification to add it to all your professional profiles and networks.

Certified Tester Scheme [ISTQB, 2022]

Still wondering how becoming an ISTQB certified tester might boost your career? To start, you are getting certified from syllabi developed, reviewed and renewed by leading testing professionals from academia and industry. That means you are getting a certification of the highest quality and standards and that’s a huge highlight for any Resume. Additionally, the ISTQB certifications are recognized globally and that can open up hiring opportunities anywhere in the world because your testing knowledge and skills are validated under a common language. ISTQB could also help shape and align your career with your professional interests. Many people think testing only consists in verifying new features but testing opportunities go way beyond that. From test management to specializing in AI testing, ISTQB got you covered. Companies in the Software Industry can also be empowered by having a certified staff. Their revenues and prestige could be increased due to the effectiveness, efficiency and high standards in their testing practices. So if you are a testing professional with years of experience, a young tester starting his career or an organization looking to thrive with the value of software testing, ISTQB is the place to go.

As we have seen, ISTQB is a global reference on high quality software testing practices and software testing research and that’s exactly what you can expect from QANTUM. Our company is set on three fundamental pillars that contribute to the testing community through three different platforms: QANTUM Consulting, QANTUM Academy and QLUSTR. With our Quality Assurance Consulting platform we are right there in the industry helping top companies integrate high quality and highly effective testing practices in their processes. With QANTUM Academy we are preparing the next generation of Quality Engineers through top-level courses, workshops and presentations. And with our Social Network QLUSTR we create a community that is able to share their knowledge, experiences and the latest trends in software testing through social interactions. QANTUM, powered by an ISTQB certified staff, is another excellent alternative to boost Quality Engineers careers. Are you up for the challenge?


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