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4 min readOct 26, 2022
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There was a time when the internet was a privilege for the small group of people that was able to afford a computer. Nowadays, with the rise of technology, most people in the world have access to it. And the best part? They can access it almost anywhere on the planet with a few taps on their smartphones. As a matter of fact, as of September 2022 around 83% of the world’s population owned a smartphone making around 11 billion mobile connections worldwide. To put that into perspective the world’s population is around 7.97 billion people. With so many people relying on their smartphones every day, mobile applications are an essential product to stay competitive in the market. Therefore, Quality Engineers specializing in mobile applications are in more demand than ever.

There is no doubt we are living in the mobile era and most businesses could benefit from developing a mobile app. However, the decision is not so simple. There are always going to be factors such as costs, requirements, and timelines to be considered, just to name a few. But compared to traditional desktop websites a mobile app can help you give your audience a whole different experience to increase your profits and conversion rates. How? To start, mobile apps can be better personalized. Users being able to set preferences and customize their content makes them more engaged and a better user experience. Mobile apps can also use the device’s features such as GPS, contacts, camera, etc. to interact with their users in a whole different way, making certain tasks easier and faster. Apps are not rigid, their designs are flexible so you can have your users tap, swipe, drag, and pinch to perform actions much more quickly. Let’s not forget that mobile apps can also work with a cellular connection and not depend only on Wifi. And to top it all? What better thing than being able to reach out to your users with important information, anywhere and anytime, with a push notification? These are just a few exclusive perks mobile apps have, the benefits go on and on. So don’t wait any longer, developing and maintaining a mobile app will help your brand grow as never before.

Everything sounds great right? But know one thing first, in order to get all these benefits first you need to invest. The only way to ensure your application fulfills your business requirements and meets your user’s expectations is to test, test and test. You have to continuously optimize and enhance your application so that engagement, retention, and conversion rates constantly improve. Mobile application testing implies different challenges and risks than traditional Web testing. For instance, when developing your test strategy you need to consider the mobile Operating System(s) you are going to be testing. Is it going to be Android? iOS? Windows? All? You will also need to establish which OS versions you want to cover. With which physical test devices are you going to test? Are emulators and simulators reliable tools for testing? What about using a Cloud Device Farm? Note that the answers to these questions will depend on the context of your application as there is no such thing as a universal mobile test strategy. As you well know, the industry moves fast, and time and money are always essential metrics for businesses. The software industry is no different. Are you going to spend resources to test your app in iOS 14 when only a small percentage of the population is still using it? This is where Quality Assurance comes into play. How are you going to mitigate risks? Who is your audience? What do your users like? What is the purpose of the application? How does your application gain profits? If you want a high-quality app, you need Quality Engineers that understand your business needs and your customer’s behaviors. And for that, you can rely on QANTUM. We offer a team of mobile-certified testers with years of experience in the field that will boost your processes to ensure top-quality and high-returning applications. Every app and every business has different requirements but QANTUM offers QAaaS for everything you might need. Your application awaits!


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